Friday, April 27, 2012

Genesis Controller Types + Reviews

Happy Friday Gamers! Today I want to take some time to cover different controller types. I happen to have 4 different types of controllers for the genesis, each unique in their own way. Are there more than 4? I'm pretty sure yes, but these are what I've been able to find and get pictures of.

So lets start with the original...

The original Genesis controller....while not quite the behemoth that is the original XBOX's still large and awkward. I never liked it. Don't get me wrong, it does the job, BUT, to someone with smaller hands it is not very comfortable. Also the D-Pad on these versions are more likely to go after time and become unresponsive. Some people don't mind the bulk to it...but, it's not for me.

This is a variant of the original controller called the Megafire. It's the exact same in every way except it has the Auto feature similar to the smaller 6 button controllers Turbo/Normal/Slow switches. Also the end connector to the Genesis is flat unlike the original which is a little bulkier. Either way, same poor bulky design with an added feature, red for the buttons, an added auto switch, and a moved over start not make this any better.

This is the 6 button turbo controller. To this day..still one of the best controllers ever made. It's comfortable, the D-Pad lasts and isn't prone to sticking like the original. For those with really big hands, I apologize on what you may be missing out on. Also if your saying to yourself, " I've owned a turbo controller, but could never figure out what it does..." a lot of games it isn't usable, but if your hammering out some serious game time in say...Street Fighter, this button will turbo mimic button mashing. So you want to punch faster than the PC or opponent, then this is where the turbo comes in. Cheap? yes. Awesome? Duh. 

This is an off brand controller by InterAct called the SG PROPAD 6. I haven't spent much time with it as I've only recently came across it, but I can tell you it doesn't feel very good. Size wise its close to the small 6 button Sega controller, but because of the lack of arch like in the official Sega feels a lot bigger and personally isn't very comfortable for me. Another Turbo controller, but a little fancier looking. This also suffers from the bad D-Pad design of the original controllers. The buttons aren't as loose and take a little more effort to push. Face it with any controller your going to generally hear the pressing of the buttons, but usually when your gaming you tune it out as your paying attention to the game. With this controller however I just couldn't escape the loud clicking each button made. 

I know wireless controllers exist, but I've never owned them and when I do find some..I shall review them :P 

Oh...and the Sega Action day...for those who don't's a chair with the controller and joystick built in. Epic? Yes, yes it is.

Overall the revised smaller 6 button official Sega controller is the best, hands down. If I had to rank controllers on comfort, design, and responsiveness...I'd put the Genesis 6 button at #1 followed by the Sega Saturn controller, and the Xbox S or 360 controller for my top 3.

So in the future I will do an accessory/add-on blowout ...I just need to hunt most of them down - according to Wikipedia...



Add OnsEdit

Don't worry, I will post as I find and hopefully review them all in the future! Thanks guys and have a great day!

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