Sunday, April 22, 2012

Last Minute Grabs Thanks to Melanie Z!

So after a nice dinner out with 2 of the most awesome people in the world...aka Melanie and Jeff - we went back to their house and Mel decided to unload some of her loose Genesis games to the greater cause! Huzzah!

Mrs Pac-man
Rambo 3
Power Rangers: The Movie
Toy Story
Jurassic Park
Batman & Robin

This officially boosts me up to 94 games - 6 away from the 100 mark - but remember, my goal is a completed complete collection, boxed w/manuals. This helps though as you never know when empty boxes will appear. Funny story....

I used to work for Game Crazy (part of Hollywood Video) back about 8 years ago. One day we get an e-mail from corporate saying we are to dump boxes and manuals of duplicate old gen games in order to free up space for newer games. So when the day was over - after nearly coming to tears from dumping a crap load of Genesis/NES/SNES/N64/DC/Saturn cases out in the trash...I went on a little dumpster diving trip :)  - needless to say I saved the game cases! lol. Most were pretty common, but luckily I got Splatterhouse 3 with the instructions - this will help me out as Slatterhouse 3 is not a cheap common game to find for the Genny at all.

Ok thats it for today - look for my next update tomorrow or Tuesday! Thanks for reading guys!

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