Sunday, June 10, 2012

Latest Finds

OK, so after finally picking up some new stuff for the first time in a while...I can finally update about it! So I've had a Sega CD model 2 for close to 10 years, but unfortunately the CD spindle broke and fell into the unit...don't ask how this happened...It just did, it was pretty wonky when I got it in the first place. I finally got my hands on a working model 2 unit in mint condition in the box...thank you craigslist people who sell crap loads of games for dirt cheap! Lately there has been a lot of game lots going up for ridiculously cheap and I finally capitalized. Also scored a Genesis Model 1 Box...both boxes are in rough shape, but they will do well in my collection until I find ones in mint condition. I already have 2 Boxes Genesis model 2's in great condition. One is the Sonic 2 box and the other is the Lion King box.

So..on top of those...I scored an official Sega Dreamcast Carrying Case...this made me very happy! A 3rd Party Joystick, what seems to be a turbo switch? and Some are some pictures to make thee happy and maybe a bit jealous..depending on who you are! I love that I'm finding more accessories for the Genny, I have another different 3rd party Joystick and Controller set aside for me by Melanie Z who had another great find. I'm getting closer to doing an Accessory blow out post lol. Either way, here are pics!

So nothing really exciting on the game front, but I feel like I've hit a sand trap in my game collecting. Now that I surpassed the 100 game mark, a lot of the stuff I find in the wild is stuff I have...Even though there is still around 600 more games to collect lol. I just keep running into the same stuff. Even though I have sonic 2, I couldn't pass up the Mega Drive version :).

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