Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Long Overdue Update & Clue Review

       Hey guys, sorry to my readers for not updating in near 2 months. There has been so much going on and I just haven't had the time. Also until I get a bigger area to store my games..I had to put a halt on picking new things up...my room is so packed with games and other crap I can barely move lol. Work has been hectic, BUT...we close down every August..so I will have some downtime until September. On another note...I'm launching a new business....some people know I run my parents Garden Center / Farmers Market stand...its great money, but we close during the Winter..and it gets boring....SO....how am I fixing that? ::drum roll::

      The Dragons Den : Anime, Comics, Gaming & More

       I will have a website up and running sometime this fall. I have a location and this winter will be fixing it up. It is going to be a brick and mortar store in the greater Buffalo, NY area. I will be carrying D20 gaming supplies such as D&D, Pathfinder, etc etc. Anime, Magic the Gathering, Comics, Figures & Collectibles, Movies (horror/sci-fi/fantasy) apparel, and more. We will be boasting a nice sized gaming area for D&D groups, magic tournaments and workshops.

       Getting the business moving has taken some time and now just need to work on fixing the place up - our plan is to also set up at different conventions in the North East. Wish me luck! Any thoughts, advice, ideas or comments would be welcome! I have a lot of viewers, but no one really comments. They are always welcome and a good chance for me to talk to fellow collectors and such!

       Anyway...as I said...my collection hasn't grown much as I've run out of room and have tons of stuff piled up on my floor. It's ok though since at the moment with opening the new business, my sisters wedding, and leaving for vacation in a week...I'm pretty strapped for cash lol.

        I know this isn't the blockbuster game review everyone was probably waiting 2 months for...but...I have a lot of games to review and what can I say....not all of them are good ! So here is my review of Clue for the Sega Genesis.

Clue is one of the many games on the Genesis to be released into an unfavorable cardboard box. Finding both versions are pretty easy. 

Above left is the cover art for the NA release and right is the Cardboard Box version

Clue Titlescreen


Clue Game Board

Accusation Window

     So..I really don't think I have to explain this as it is exactly the same as the board game..but for those who don't know, the basis of the game is that there are 6 strangers in a mansion, one person is the murderer and they did it with one specific weapon in one specific room. Your job is to figure out who did the crime. Pretty basic.

      Well...the plot is the same as the board game. Nothing to intense...but it works a lot better as a board game. I will tell you why down below.

                                         Overall Plot Score: 5 out of 10

       OK that's not fair saying the board game is more fun.....I think Clue would be a super fun video game, and I've played other versions..and they are fun. BUT, this version doesn't add any depth to the game or give you a reason to play it over the board game. Other versions actually show the characters, animate the murders, show the house in 3D or even in 2D. This is basically the board game on the TV with pictures of the rooms, people, weapons to show your accusations. You roll a dice and move your pawn into rooms and play it like the board game on your TV screen. I'd rather play it like this game was meant to be played however..on an actual board.

       Not only is the gameplay the exact same as playing the board game, but its pretty glitchy. The menu selections are pretty spastic an very sensitive. When you want to look at your cards, you have to have the other human players close their eyes in hopes they don't peek. The way it presents it's clues are also very confusing. I played with my girlfriend and whenever we entered a room and guessed who dun' it...it would give us a clue that made us even more confused than before we guessed. You will see what I mean if you play...but, again this doesn't come close to the amount of fun you can have with family and friends at a table with the actual game.

                                     Overall Gameplay Score: 4 out of 10

   Graphically the game is average at best, which I mean....I guess makes sense for an average game meant to recreate a board game. It looks more like a Commodore 64 game than a Sega Genesis game. Nothing to write home about here.

                                                 Overall Graphics Score: 5 out of 10

      Music....or lack their of. The title screen plays the stereotypical murder mystery music. If you've ever seen the Clue movie, Murder by Death, or any other murder mystery..you will of heard this music. When your on the game board its quiet as a mouse. Music chimes in during your accusations however. Overall the music fits, but the amount of silence in the game doesn't help in drawing you in.

                                                  Overall Music Score: 5 out of 10

4.5 out of 10

  Final thoughts on this are...play the board game if you have it. However, I suppose if you don't own it and have nothing else to do...why not. The game can be so confusing it will take you a long time to guess who dun' it..unless of course your like my girlfriend and win by guessing every possible combination in the game and just eventually get it lol.

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