Monday, August 27, 2012

Quick Update

Hey fellow collectors and curious cats! Not much to report - still don't have any space to really work with so I been limited to what I been picking up. However I had a great general find at a garage sale. Got a PS2 - 2 model 1 genesis - 2 model 2 genesis- 1 model 1 Sega CD - 1 Nintendo 64...all for...$20 bucks. Tested the PS2 and cleaned it up and it works all fine and's obvious someone had these packed away in their musty basement for years. The 64 works and I haven't had a chance to check the Genesis' yet as I had to clean an area up around my TV lol. Unfortunately the Sega CD unit is missing the front cover, so the insides are showing and are quite dirty...not sure if it works..I'm going to test it anyways because finding model 1 Sega CD units...well...lets say they aren't often found. I figure if it at least powers on, I can clean it up and take the front cover off a dead unit.

Also found a Blue Boxed re-release version of Night Trap. The lady through it in along with a bunch of Star Wars toys..not like I was going to turn that down!

I wish more people would comment - just would keep me on here more often. I apologize for being so spotty with my posts...if you have questions or need repair tips feel free to post...

That reminds that I have 4 new units..if any of them have issues and need fixing..I will make video's or take snap shots and make a repair post..I've only been talking about it since my first post lol. Anyways until next time!

Update: So...I'm going to rant for a few moments here....people...bother me. Out of the lot...only the PS2 and the N64 work. I opened up the 4 Genesis consoles to be greeted by a heinously musty smell and the metal shell inside being nearly entirely consumed by rust. Obviously these people stored these systems in a damp basement prone to flooding. Why in Gods name would you store any electronics down in a place like that? That may annoy me just as much as going to the store and finding so many used games without cases...What the hell do you people do with your cases and manuals? REALLY? I want to know. In my head I imagine this... Go to store > Buy game > Go home > Open game > Throw case and manual into the fireplace > Excitedly play game.  GRRRRRRRRR!!! that I'm over that. I tried testing the units anyways and one turns on but gives me no screen with or without a game...the other model 1 wont even turn on. The model 2's turn on and make a horrid screeching noise and give me a blank screen. SO...what to do..I think I may store these away and if I can run across truly broken systems, maybe I can at least salvage the metal piece from inside and transfer them over. Otherwise...maybe I will do something creative with the 4 systems I have....Any ideas?

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  1. Excellent analogy of loose carts! It made me laugh. Anyways, I wonder the same thing.