Sunday, September 23, 2012

Find Update

Hey guys. Not a whole lot on the find front for my Sega collection. Lately I've been coming across tons of Nintendo stuff though. My GF is a Nintendo person and has a lot of stuff, but I figured why not start adding to my game room if its the right price...right? Right!

So my recent finds have been a N64 with several controllers and games , an SNES model 1 with tons of games and controllers, aaaannddd....a model 2 or mini SNES which I'm pretty stoked that I found out in the wild...and for only $10 bucks!

There really hasn't been any major game finds lately or cool oddities, but I will take a picture of the Nintendo lot soon as I wake up a little more and add it. Really hoping to get a house soon so I have room for all my stuff. For those who don't know...I had an apartment loaded with stuff, but decided to move back home to save money for a house...well taking an apartment full of video game and other goodies back to a bedroom..not the best idea lol....we have wallpaper and random stuff we been collecting and shoving in the soon as we get a house..we can commence operation gameroom lol.

Thats all I really got for today!