Monday, December 17, 2012

Winter Gaming Sessions and Reviews + Updates


      Hey fellow Gamers and Collectors, now that I closed up the business for the season, I have plenty of time to game. I been playing my Wii U a lot though, so haven't gotten around to playing my Genesis. No new pick ups except for a mint copy of Evolution 2 for the Dreamcast. Shout out to Melanie for hooking me up with that!

      Now that I have more free time and got my 6 foot Genesis controller extension cable in the mail...(I really hate having to be so close to the TV), I can relax in bed and play some games and write some reviews. Also I hope to have a semi-professional HD Camcorder and a nice microphone to do some live stuff which I will post to a youtube page. I know I promised some repair tips and notes, but I haven't had anything to repair...strangely enough (with the exception of the last lot of rusted genesis units) every thing I found recently has worked. I'm going to try to find some non functional units so I can snap pictures and pose some guides.

     Anyone else get a Wii U? If you did feel free to add me on the Miiverse, my Nintendo ID is Tricky

      I will be posting my next batch of reviews soon. Look for them in the coming days...I really want a better format to review with, something that flows nicely and pleases the eyes...Also every other friday I do a podcast with some friends called Wii Talk U Listen, its general gaming , but we tend to stray off topic often and also we do a lot of Nintendo stuff. Check us out.